I started a new blog


Hello everyoneI started a new blog ….

Its a better updated version of this old blog….


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So I will no longer post on this blog instead I’ll be posting on my new blog.


Perfect Nail polish


I know the struggle.
You want painted nails but you know you will ruin it. Also removing it leaves those marks on your nails. Not pleasing.
So here are some tips I like to do.
Step 1: some people put a mixture of glue and water around their nails others put tape , I put vaseline.
I tried it
It works to an extend
Its a fine way though
Step 2:
WARNING YOU MIGHT GET REALLY ANNOYED. Practice it. Always. I will always read. ”
Sorry that was just my suggested text :p I just wanted to know what the sentence will be.
The second step though is to apply a coat of white nail polish before your chosen color.
Just try it you will see what I mean.
I put clear though idk I just do.
Step 3:
Apply your choswn color.
Be calm and patient while putting it especially on the hand that you usually mess up. If you are in a hurry you will mess up even more.
And if you mess up just wait till your nail dries and the nail polish that came on your finger will get right off with the vaseline.
Step 4:
Put a clear coat of nail polish to give it a proffessional special look.
Step 5 (optional)
If you want a matte effect hold you nails on top of a cup of steamin water while it is drying.
Misplaced modifier?
You get my point anyway.
If you want it to dry faster you could put your nails in ice water.
Note I didnt try these last two points the ice and steam I saw them in a tutorial only.

How to cure bordem and be happy


Step 1:
Do something new.
Learn a new langauge.
Watch a new movie.
Listen to a new song.
Start a new blog.
Write a new book.
Get to know new people.
Cook new food.
Anything.¬† It just has to be something new that you didn’t master yet.
Step 2:
Practice it.
Always. Anywhere anytime.
It will get frustrating. But it will be highly rewardable.
Step 3:
Earn The reward.
Once you do something all right for the first time you will feel so happy.
You might as well fly from happiness.

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How true are Birthday “paragraphs”?


Allow me to explain.
An essential part of birthdays these days is writing your friend a paragraph wishing her or him happy birthday and reflecting how you found your years together.
Reading those paragraphs usually makes me so happy that I would cry…..(special ones ofcource)
But then I started wondering about their validity….. Did the person mean all those things or was it just words to make the paragraph look better?(I ofcource would wish to believe that they actually meant it)
I really want to know cause I want to keep something that I know someone means because some days when I feel like I am not needed anymore I would want to prove myself wrong. Often have I been less confident about how the feelings of people around me. I dont know why was I so insecure. And just as it was driving me insane this insecureness, I became me again. The same smile and feelings ….at least almost. I hope that whatever changed is only temperorary. I don’t want to be like that. I never wanted to cry in school. Or stay away¬† from the world and my friends not wanting to come in contact with anyone. But you know what? It wasn’t me . I was forced into that. When everything just keeps falling and am standing helplessly watching it all…how do you want me to feel?

I no more want to be the insecure, depressed, annoyed girl I was. I am so done with her. She annoys me 😂.
I want to be all me again. I want to get rid of those small parts inside me that are still her.



A fe years ago (2013), my grandma passed away. I was 13. I felt great pain.I didn’t quite understand death and thought it was due to my young age. Almost 3 years now my other grandma passed away (yesterday). I felt confused for I still had very hard time understanding what happened and what that meant. I was shocked. It meant never seeing her again. I always thought that when someone mentions death. Along with other things but it is this idea that makes me kind of rap my head around the idea of death.
I am so exhausted mentally and physically.
I just want some rest
That is all I ask for.

The truth behind why I read


I did not know why I started reading until this moment. I am a vey social person and I love speaking to people.
Maybe it was because my grandma died and I was very affected. But then it wasn’t just that…or thats how I felt anyways.

I feel like people are so bad.
Bad intentions.
Have alot of Misconceptions concerning behavior and values.
Have No brains.
And the list goes on.
I know there are good people.
I know no ones perfect.
But it stunned me a few years ago when I a thought came up in my mind: I dont like most of the people around me.
I tried to dismiss it as a depressing thought because of the situation I was in but then it kept bubbling up every while and then.
I couldn’t deny it.
I tried to see the good in people and block everything else. I tried to convince myself that its enough that these people want me around and respect me. But no. The thought never let me. And every time this thoight comes up it depresses me.

Because people dont want to be better.
People keep disappointing me.
People keep on hurting me.
People keep on being bad.

This led to another deprssing conclusion: I dont want to know people. I want to be alone. Its so much relaxing and so much unhappiness will be put away….
I dont want to be like them.
I want to stay me.
I am fighting to stay myself.

But again I keep trying to keep this thought away too.
I need people in my life.
I need my friends.
My family.
Sometimes solutions arent so simple.

I am on a constant adventure to finding that person who understands. Who isnt perfect but tries to be. Who doesnt want to be like the people.

I read because characters are so much better. Because I am tired.
Because every while and then I feel so down. I feel like pushing everyone away on purpose.

But again that wasnt it.
I am not so unhappy with my life.

I reached yet another conclusion:

I read because I enjoy it.
I enjoy learning about people.
I enjoy living the adventures in a book.
I enjoy learning life lessons.
I enjoy it.



This is a writting I wrote a few years ago ( December tenth 2013). I came across it and remembered a situation that happened yesterday that really does relate to it. It made me annoyed that people think that standing up for yourself and not accepting any excuses for anything someone does makes you stronger. Why not forgive and forget?

Forgiveness is one of the most important values that is hard to obtain. well, maybe obtaining a value is the same as getting a habit… sometimes forgiveness is hard; in my opinion maybe it gets harder the more you are hurt. But that isnt an excuse. Allah the almighty forgives so who are we not to forgive?

In the series Divergent,¬† Caleb the protagonist’s brother helped in her excusion. But as the writer wrote in the book

sometimes sacrificing yourself is the best way to show someone how much you love them. Depending on this Beatrice the protagonist decided to sacrfice herself for her brother even after she knew about his bad intentions. She forgave him. So the point is  no matter how hard it is it is always POSSBILE.

In another trilogy matched , forgiveness is portrayed differently.  The protagonist Cassia forgave her friend Indie after lying and stealing from her. Although the writer makes it clear that she forgave her because she needed her to be able to cross the river , I like to think about it differently. If people didnt forgive how are we supposed to survive? To make a better world?
Dont we need to forgive in making a better world?

It’s true that some people want to hurt you. Thet intend to do so and forgiving them is like

Giving them another bullet to shoot you when they miss

Should we forgive them?
Should we give them another bullet?
Standing up for yourself and forgiving are completely different.
I mean I should be the last person to speak about that since I forgive people way too much but that doesnt mean I dont stand up for myself or allow anyone to disrespect me or even hurt me beyond the normal.
You could do both.
You can too.
You dont have to be cruel to be respected or more specifically feared in that case.
You dont have to use loud voice and bad words to get what you want.